How Is This Seriously Flawed Candidate (i.e. – Shoots from the Lip; 3 Marriages/Affairs; A Head the Size of Wisconsin!)…

How is this seriously flawed candidate, (i.e. shoots from the lip; 3 marriages/affairs; a head the size of Wisconsin!) giving Romney such a run for the nomination?!?

It’s because, “Mitt defends Mitt, Newt upholds conservatism.”

And maybe that’s what the (Republican) Establishment doesn’t understand. How can this seriously flawed candidate (i.e. 3 marriages, speaks from the hip, a huge head!) be giving Romney a run for the nomination.

Check out what Milton F. Wolf of the Washington Times says,

“Great moments in history are achieved not necessarily by great people, but rather by courageous people who will defend great ideas.”

Here’s Wolf’s excellent article:

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