Our Elites & Their Collective Case Of The Vapors Over Pissgate…

Probably my last screech regarding our elites and their collective case of the vapors over Pissgate. Their worry that it will inflame those in the Muslim world, who would otherwise just leave us alone, is bullshit. Bullies and evil people respond to defeat, nothing else. A Golden Rule strategy doesn’t work with those who don’t follow the Golden Rule (sorry Ron Paul).

Here’s an interesting article by Asra Q. Nomani of The Daily Beast. She’s a brave woman who tells it like it is in the Islamic world, but certainly not some right-wing harpie.

“To suggest we violated cultural norms in a way that the people of the region don’t do is to give the people of the region a pass. The legacy of the degredation of bodies in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region is historical.”

Entire article here:



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