Who Are The Real Racists?

Who are the real racists?

Once, in a past role as a supervisor, I had to counsel a subordinate (let’s call her Mary) on he poor work habits. Her immediate response to my criticisms, “Mike, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m black, or a woman, but you’ve been an asshole to me since you’ve worked here.”

I looked at her, then at my assistant manager (who happened to be a black woman) and said, “I’d like to file a complaint on Mary… she just blatantly resorted to sexism and racism toward me in the workplace. If I wasn’t a male or white, she wouldn’t have said that to me.”

Mary was stunned. I had just done to her what she’d attempted to do to me. She again declared me to be an asshole and walked off her job.

I, like a lot of white people these days are so sick and tired of the racism charge. It has now been used so much that most white people roll their eyes at the accusation (of course they metaphorically roll their eyes because if they did it literally, they’d be accused of being racist).

I think Rush Limbaugh’s got it about right. Not only is he not afraid to openly opine about race, he show’s how racism, and accusations of racism, really works, particularly when it comes to liberals.

“Democrats and liberals think that we, conservatives, are racists, sexists, and all those other things. In fact, it is they who are those things. It is liberals who look at a human and first notice a skin color, or gender; then they get into sexual orientation, then segment into all kinds of groups. This is the way they see people. They also use projection quite commonly and regularly, and so it is us, they think, who are racists and sexists.” 

Here’s an article by Rusty Weiss of Big Journalism, describing liberal Joan Walsh (Salon Editor at Large):

Is Joan Walsh The Most Bigoted Journalist In Media?


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