Hollywood Could Learn Something From Fox News…

Hollywood could learn something from Fox News (though they would certainly hate the idea). Fox News found a niche and exploited it  – or rather, the opposite of niche – the ignored conservative segment that makes up 40% of America (40 @#$% percent!).

Here’s a lesson from John Nolte at Big Hollywood:

“…continue to ignore American audiences. We’re leaving you a little by little every year now, and this year you hit a 16-year attendance low. So maybe the answer is to just keep making your money overseas and work a little harder to sell your souls to the communist Chinese.

But that’s going to leave a huge market open here in the states, and someday, someone’s going to fill that market with the movies we want to see. There’s already a cottage industry out there learning their trade and cracking that code.”

Entire entry here: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/jjmnolte/2012/01/02/top-10-ways-hollywood-can-win-its-audience-back/

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