Colmes 1. noun: a person (esp. liberals) who express a petulant, insulting shriek…


1. noun: a person (esp. liberals) who express a petulant, insulting shriek when confronted with facts proving their ideas to be a canard

Here’s a classic example of how liberals, when their gauzy logic has been shown to be wrong, almost always revert to petulant, insulting shrieks, clearly displaying their lack of mature intellect, which ironically they claim as a singular mantle over conservatives:

Alan Colmes – whose short-term, hedonistic thinking belies the bitter and meaningless horror he calls his small life. Here’s an example of a typical liberal response when confronted with opposing views (my hunch, his absinthian attitude is fed by the horror, that without the hated, and frankly, obnoxious, Sean Hannity, Colmes would be a midnight DJ at a subsidized NPR station in Buffalo). (did I just do a “Colmes”?).

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