Why Do We No Longer Fight Wars To Win?

Why do we no longer fight wars to win? Lincoln/Grant/Sherman knew it. Truman/Eisenhower/Patton knew it. Even Bush Sr/Powell/Schwarzkopf knew it during the First Gulf War. You go in with overwhelming force, annihilate the enemy, crush the opposition, demoralize the civilian population, and then rebuild. It’s military strategy that’s practiced at the most basic level (anybody remember boot camp). The south was burned, we destroyed Germany, had to nuke Japan (twice! – thank you Harry Truman), Sadaam was humiliated. So why do no longer do that? Are we afraid to win? I’m so sick and tired of being afraid to win. Of being proud of being top dog. Yep, I’m advocating a bit of arrogance. I do not want to be part of the generation that is spoken of fifty years from now, in hushed tones, “America’s decline began with the Baby Boomers…” they whisper…

Here’s an Iraq update, yep, the place where we may very well “lose the peace.” And why? Because we’re afraid to win, and, I suspect, we no longer have the will/work ethic, etc that’s required to win wars…


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