I’m What I Call A “Queasy Pro-Choicer…

I’m what I call a “queasy pro-choicer.” It’s my Libertarian leanings. I’ve been involved in the situation at least once (and probably twice, I suspect a past girlfriend had one without telling me). I just feel very uncomfortable telling people what they do with their own bodies. Abortion is not only a moral, but a medical decision, i.e most (but not all) consider the termination of a pregnancy appropriate to save the life of the mother. The left, in most cases, claims, as Bill Clinton so conveniently worded, “abortion should be safe, legal and rare.”

It’s safe, it’s legal, but it’s certainly not rare. And furthermore, abortion is violent and gruesome. Watch any ultrasound of the procedure and tell me otherwise.

And that’s the interesting thing to me. Abortion is a perfect example of the suspect mental thinking by those on the left (I’ll critique the right on another day). Many, if not most on the left espouse non-judgement, non-violence, being kind to animals, etc – I actually agree on those ideas to varying degrees (and in reverse order) – i.e. don’t torture animals, avoid violence except with violent/evil people or to defend, and get your facts straight prior to making a judgement – as I said, in that order.

Which is why the illogic is so stunning to me. There’s a clear contradiction by the left, don’t eat meat but killing an unborn child (and in the case of partial-birth, I’m thinking it’s a “born” child) – well, let’s not show that or make the mother feel guilty.

Does the left hate humanity? Why otherwise, would they prefer creatures other than human beings?



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