Romney Makes It A Referendum On Obama; Gingrich Makes It A Choice.”

“Romney makes it a referendum on Obama; Gingrich makes it a choice.” – this from National Journal’s Taylor West and Peter Bell made me verbalize, “Hmm…”

It’s true, and that means team Obama can make Gingrich the issue . This of course makes the talking heads  (and me) a bit nervous, but I’m also inclined to make sure there’s someone in the White House who is a leader versus manager. And that is why I am veering toward Gingrich. I see him as America’s Churchill. Yet I pause. Obama must go. That is priority number one. The cancer must be cut out or the patient will surely die. The hope is that we get someone transformative versus a caretaker.

Granted, this is National Journal, which though not the subterfuged liberality of Politico, still veers center left, the article has some very interesting food for thought:

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