For Those Lamenting The Electability Of Newt…

For those lamenting the electability of Newt Gingrich (see my Nov 27 post), here’s some food for thought

Remember: the country breaks consistently along these lines: 40% claim to be Conservative, 20% claim to be Liberal, and 40% claim independent/moderate/confused, etc – half of them are Democrats and the remaining are split between Libertarian (social liberal/fiscal conservative) and the Confused. Libertarians generally break to the right (particularly during times of economic stress), and the Confused go where the excitement is. Unless there’s a strong third party candidate (Ron Paul?!?), I think the Republicans have got a real shot at a transformative figure – the conventional wisdom, that Romney is someone who can capture the middle is bullshit. I’m not even sure he’s got the so-called, economic skillset we need. Did you see that interview w/ Brett Baier last nite, Perry-lite combined w/ Ron Paul, along w/ John  “Breck Boy” Edwards’ hair.


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