I Am Very Concerned With The Naval-Gazing, Hand-Wringers In The Republican Party…

I am very concerned with the naval-gazing, hand-wringers in the Republican Party and their use of the word “electable” – as in, “Republicans must focus on nominating someone electable.”

Hogwash. Of course the nominee has to be electable, that’s part of the milieu, and virtually anyone who can capture 40% of the American public (i.e. 40% of Americans claim to be conservative – the very definition of the Republican Party) is by that very fact “electable.”

But using that as a primary criteria is a recipe for disaster.

Let’s take a look at recent history – the last several Republican nominees and the “electability issue”

  • 2008 – McCain/electable, moderate Republican, loved by MSM — he should be able to handle and inexperienced, ultra left-wing member of “Black Theology” church — Result: loss
  • 2004 – Bush/beatable, unintelligent/right-wing Republican – no way he can compare to urbane, super-intelligent, war hero John Kerry —– Result: win
  • 2000 – Bush/un-electable, unintelligent/right-wing Republican- no way he can compare to intellectual giant and inventor of the Internet Al Gore (who would’ve have won if he’d gotten electoral votes of his home state of Tennessee – you know, the people who knew him) — Result: win
  • 1996 – Dole – electable, conventional, moderate Republican – that certainly has a chance to beat the Bill Clinton of Whitewater, Hillarycare, Travelgate, White House FBI files controversy, legal problems, et al fame — Result: loss
  • 1992 – Bush, Sr – experienced, moderate Republican, 90% approval year before election, recovering economy – s/b able to beat the governor of small, southern state and his “baggage” — Result: loss
  • 1988 – Bush, Sr – moderate, but VP of ultra right-winger Ronald Reagan, down by 18 points two months prior to election — Result: win
  • 1984 – Reagan – dunderhead (“amiable dunce”), warmonger, ultra right-wing Republican Result: landslide win

and keep going…

Ford = electable, conventional — result: loss

Nixon = unpleasant a-hole, despised by MSM — result: landslide win

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