“Why I Support Newt Gingrich”

“Why I Support Newt Gingrich” is an excellent “positive case” for the former Speaker by Professor William Jacobsen of Cornell Law.

What initially captured my attention was the author’s quote of Melanie Phillips’ sagacious observation,

“Faced with the apparently overwhelming power of the left-wing media and intelligentsia, weaponised through their Orwellian hijacking of the language of the centre ground and their career-ending bullying and intimidation of all who dare to disagree, many conservatives have succumbed to the cultural mind-bending without even realising they have been in effect captured by the enemy.”

That statement tells me the author, Professor Jacobson, get’s “it” – and so I must give credence to his position – that Newt Gingrich is not only a great debater and intelligent thinker, but most of all – he’s a fighter that won’t back down to the politically correct, the uniformed, the leftist, the Alynskite, et al crowd.


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