Herman Cain’s Latest Accuser – Or, If Gloria Allred and Al Sharpton Had A Child – Or, Why Is This Not A Headline? Or Me Just Rambling On…

Herman Cain’s latest accuser says, or should I say reads, as attorney Gloria Allred looks on, that Herman Cain reached under her dress. You know Gloria Allred, the publicity $%^&! who represented Scott Peterson’s/Tiger Woods’ mistresses, the lawyer for Scary Spice, the attorney who brought suit against the Boy Scouts because, yep, that’s right,  they wouldn’t let a girl in the “Boy” Scouts. And there’s more, here’s a link to many of Ms.Allred’s Greatest Hits http://dailycaller.com/2011/11/07/from-nipple-rings-to-borats-etiquette-coach-gloria-allreds-greatest-hits/

Btw, I’m not really a Herman Cain supporter as of now. I voted for him back in 2004 in the Republican Primary against Johnny Isakson for Senator of Georgia. And I would probably vote the same today. I’m just not sure he’s ready for the Presidency of the United States – he needs to do his homework (see Newt Gingrich). But that’s doesn’t mean I don’t thing these harassment allegations are  a bunch of bullshit.

As a person who was once falsely accused of sexual harassment, I have my doubts. The incident with me occurred when a woman I worked with kept hitting on me. She’d hint around and say things like, “You should come to my place, I have a Jacuzzi.”

I tried to ignore/rebuff her feeble advances, and she kept on. Frankly, she was harassing me. And then one day another manager came to me and said the woman was essentially accusing me of harassing her. She told folks in the lunchroom that on a specific time period I said something along the lines of, “You must be on your period.”  Fortunately for me, I was able to construct a timeline and prove I wasn’t even in the building during the time frame of her allegations.” I was twenty miles away at a management seminar which covered, among other things, sexual harassment in the workplace.  Knowing that the mere accusation was dangerous, I took her took Human Resources. I was livid, indignant, etc. The woman cried. Human Resources response, it was all just a misunderstanding.

In addition, I was one of those people who thought Clarence Thomas was probably guilty of the accusations made by Anita Hill. After my experience it all changed. I now know that woman will falsely accuse men for often, pretty pathetic reasons. According to the Department of Justice done in 1996, approximately 25% of all rape accusation are demonstrably false via DNA testing, etc (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,194032,00.html).

Why is this not a headline?

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