So, Who’s More Tolerant…

So, who’s more tolerant of differing points of view – Fox News or NPR? Michael Barone has an excellent article on that very point (see link below);

“An interesting contrast: while many NPR listeners apparently could not stomach that Williams also appeared on Fox News. But it doesn’t seem that any perceptible number of Fox News viewers had any complaints that Williams also worked for NPR. The Fox audience seems to be more tolerant of diversity than the NPR audience.”

Michael Barone

It’s obvious to those who actually watch Fox News. There’s no doubt their prime time lineup has a conservative bent – but not all. Think about it:

  • 5 pm – Glenn Beck – Social Conservative, Fiscal Libertarian
  • 6 pm – Brent Baier – Straight News, but my suspicion is he has a conservative bent
  • 7 pm – Shepard Smith – Straight News, but my suspicion is he has a liberal bent
  • 8 pm – Bill O’Reilly – Social Conservative, Fiscal Populist
  • 9 pm – Sean Hannity – Social Conservative/Fiscal Conservative
  • 10 pm – Greta Van Susteran – Social Liberal, Fiscal Populist

Seems a bit heavy on the Social Conservative side, certainly not my particular point of view and a fairly well-balanced cross section of opinions – don’t forget they invite a lot of liberals who certainly are allowed to represent their points of view – think Juan Williams, Mara Liasson, Bill Beckel, Alan Colmes, etc…

Entire article here:

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