The Ineptness Continues…

The ineptness continues as the clowns in Congress fiddle while Rome burns. The headline by Byron York says it all, “Unable to govern, Dems turn to Stephen Colbert.”

No federal budget this year, a trillion and a half dollar deficit, no tax law for the upcoming year. Yep, that’s right, the evil job creators have no idea what their tax rates will be in the next year, three months away. Hmm, wonder if they go on a hiring binge?

Passing unread bills, pissing away a trillion on a “stimulus”, Cap and Trade, a healthcare takeover nobody wants. A takeover of car companies, Wall Street, and student loans.

They pass a small business bill worth a measly 30 billion that says, if you manufacture what we in D.C. want we’ll give you your money back via a loan (yep, get your money back w/ interest – on your own money).

Blah, blah, blah…

These guys and gals are clowns, and Stephen Colbert knows it.

Full article here:

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