The Thugs In This Administration…

The thugs in this administration are pretty blatant. You have to give them props for the size of their balls.

During last year’s debate over healthcare, United Healthcare was warned that they’d be in deep shit if they didn’t quit telling the public that the overhaul would increase costs. Who cares if it was the truth?

Well, the administration’s at it again. The message from HHS Secretary Sebelius – Hey insurance companies,,don’t you dare blame us because you’re raising rates. And if you do raise rates (you know, to squeeze out that exorbitant 2% – 4% profit) we’ll make sure you are excluded from healthcare markets.

As I’ve asked multiple times, who are these people? What’s next, people stand at polling stations w/ batons and tell us whom to vote for? Oh wait a second…

Full story here:

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