Frankly, I Was Confused…

Frankly, I was confused two years ago. What did people see in this guy? An inexperienced pol who allegedly gave a great speech four years prior at the Democrat Convention (I’m thinking it was more like a good paragraph). Its theme tapped into the heart of what most Americans wanted, “”We’re not red states, we’re not blue states. We are the United States.”

Normally though, Barack Obama spoke/speaks in sophomoric platitudes, “We are the people we’ve been waiting for…” “The seas will rise, the planet will heal…”  “Hope and change…”

Blah, blah, blah…

I never got what the hubbub was all about. He was literally farther left than Ted Kennedy, didn’t haven’t any executive experience, and espoused economic ideas that bordered on the ignorant. Remember when he used the phrase, “profit to earnings ratio”  in a feeble attempt to indicate his economic literacy (any 1st year Econ student knows P/E is price-to-earnings ratio)?

All the while we were informed (w/out proof) how incredibly intelligent he was (what’s his IQ? Where are those college transcripts?). I just never got it. Several of my early blog posts meandered along “the emperor has no clothes” theme. This all seemed so obvious to me two years ago.

Well now, it appears the media intelligentsia is starting to wonder also. Time Magazine is lamenting why President Obama is “unexpectedly” unpopular. Here’s a great quote from someone who knew all along about our (over) exposed emperor:

“Obama has become unpopular because voters are angry over the bait-and-switch that Democrats used to get him elected, with the help of a cheerleading media.  After 19 months, the nation knows Obama a lot better than they did in 2008, and they see an inexperienced and incompetent executive who has a dedication to an agenda of arrogance and top-down control.  Had the media done its job in 2007 and 2008, this would have been no surprise — and Obama wouldn’t be President, either.”

Ed Morrissey, HotAir

Entire article here:

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