Clearly, I’m A Liberal, Part II…

Clearly, I’m A Liberal, Part II and  Left-Wingers Are Immature, Part III (see August 22/June 8) .

Why would an otherwise (personally) liberal guy like myself be a conservative? It’s really quite simple. Conservatism is the more logical/grown up position when dealing with the human condition. It’s not that conservatives are less compassionate, as they are often accused by the left (the “classic deflection technique”). Btw – that is really quite a ridiculous accusation when you consider virtually all statistics show conservatives give more money to charitable organizations (percentage of income and total dollars), donate more time; and are more likely to follow the religious edicts that demand “faith, love and charity”  (hmm… I wonder why the lame stream media doesn’t cover those stories much?). Conservatives are just not as generous with other people’s money, which is the basic tenet of liberalism – forced contribution to what the state designates as worthy. If you don’t believe me that conservatives are more generous with their time and money, check out the articles below.

I find liberals tend to crow more about their compassion, volunteerism, etc. Conservatives actually do more and say less. I seriously doubt many of my friends and family know when/where I volunteer (it appears I’m “crowing” here, but remember, I am personally liberal) – btw, The United Way in general, and Appropriate Placement Options of Statesville, NC, are great organizations to donate to/volunteer for.

In his latest commentary, Peter Berkowitz says it well,

“It is always the task for conservatives to insist that money does not grow on trees, that government programs must be paid for, and that promising unaffordable benefits is reckless, unjust and a long-term threat to maintaining free institutions.”

Peter Berkowitz, Wall Street Journal

Entire article here:

“Who Cares More?”

ABC’s 20/20:

New York Times:

George Will:

Thomas Sowell:

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