I’m Tired Of Being Called Racist, Part ∞…

I’m tired of being called a racist, part ∞…

Here’a a nice little article on the left’s gasping, grasping anger. They have huge majorities, and so decided to govern from the far left. They made a power grab, and now they wonder why most Americans are, not just in disagreement, but angrily so.

So the left does what many people do when they’ve lost a debate, they resort to the classic deflection technique –  rather than debate ideas, which they can’t since they’ve lost in that arena, they change the subject. Those who disagree with us are bigots, racists, you-supply-the-aggrieved-party-phobes.

“Who knew that the American public would get accused of bigotry more often after electing an African-American president than before?”

Rich Lowry, National Review

Entire article here: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/08/27/losing_the_middle_democrats_discontent.html

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