Clearly, I’m A Liberal…

Clearly, I’m a liberal since I believe in helping the poor and less fortunate, strongly support immigrant rights, am religiously on the agnostic side (and that’s only because I’m too wishy-washy to make the decision to be atheist). I don’t particularly care if gay and lesbians want to marry, I believe marijuana should be legal and I am against the death penalty. I’m a (queasy) pro-choicer, favor the environment and have spent many evenings (in my distant past of course) with drugs, alcohol and third-world prostitutes. Plus I like to use foul language. Clearly, I’m a liberal.

So why do I veer right in my voting habits? A major reason is economics. Economic freedom is the clear and well-worn path to  real success, personally for most, and societally for all (additionally, I believe in personal liberty and responsibility, the rule of law, smaller, less intrusive government, a strong family unit and a powerful military. Additionally, I believe that there is evil in the world and you have to make a stand – but that’s for another day).

Supply side economics and less government intrusion is the only path that leads to overall societal success (we have enough protective laws already, we merely need to enforce them). It’s been proven by Coolidge (most underrated President?), John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, even George W. Bush (why do you think nobody remembers the recession he inherited). Demonstrably, FDR, Nixon, Carter and now Obama have shown the foolishness of Keynesian model. So why, despite of the evidence to the contrary (such as the increase in tax revenue), does the left disavow the pro-business model and continue with the government-in-charge-of-the-economy model? Personally I believe it to be a control issue. The left knows better how to run our individual lives. They’re more tolerant, open-minded, nicer, smarter than the rest of us rubes (interestingly, some of least tolerant, most close-minded, angriest, meanest, ill-informed people I know are liberals). Of course errors are made by individuals and organizations, and the system is not foolproof. Utopia does not exist and never will. That’s not the point. The point is, how do the most people receive the most benefit most widely? It’s Capitalism baby.

If you want to understand, you have to do some homework, i.e. read Hayek’s little booklet from the 1940’s, “The Road to Serfdom.” It’s a diminutive tract at around 50 or 60 pages, but it shows the way. Also, check out the link below. It’s a great article on the failure of Keynesian economic model (the one recently tried by you-know-who, and now generally accepted as a major governmental blunder). I guess every generation has to learn its lessons – see the 1930’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Here’s a quote by the author, Michael Pento. I find it particularly appealing because it demonstrates rather cogently why the left (at least when it comes to running the government) lacks credibility with me:

“…a few hundred individuals in government believe they know better than the collective wisdom of the entire free market. By leveraging up the public sector, they have used their power to confiscate our savings. In short, they are forbidding us from following the common sense path to fiscal health.”

Entire article here:

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