In Continuation Of My Series, “President Obama Is A Narcissist…”

In continuation of my series, “President Obama Is A Narcissist” (see July 9) here’s another entry. Tony Harnden posits that President Obama isn’t crazy about the Presidency.  The President, as I alluded to in my July 9 post, sees himself as more a “Post-American Post-President” kind of figure; someone, who in the annals of history, will be more a world, historical figure. Mr. Harnden puts it thusly,

“There are few Americans who see themselves as bigger than the presidency but Obama could well be one of them.”

There have been many articles in the past several months indicating that, not only is Barack Obama not up to the job of the Presidency, he doesn’t really want the position. His indication to the question of American Exceptionalism, that the U.S. is nothing particularly special is another hint into his feelings.

Check entire article out here:

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