When It Comes To God…

When it comes to God, I found this quote interesting; in that my opinion seems to run along the same lines.

“The only rational position is to be an agnostic, teetering on the …brink of atheism… It’s cramped and irrational to say that there is no God; and premature, because we are the pedigree ignorant in the universe. We know hardly anything about it. We don’t know what eighty-six percent of it consists of. We don’t understand galaxy formation. We’re a dozen Einsteins, at least, from even a rudimentary understanding of where we are. The fact that the universe is more intelligent than we are sounds like the proof of something… that’s over our heads.”

Martin Amis

The quote comes from an interview/discussion with Christopher Hitchens, Jeffrey Goldberg and Martin Amis. An atheist, and now suffering from cancer, Hitchens discusses his current challenges and belief system. Since learning of his, what is probably terminal, cancer, he has been writing and interviewing quite a bit. Interesting, philosophical and ultimately poignant stuff.

For a taste, go here: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/08/06/anderson-cooper-to-hitchens-cmon-youll-pray-on-your-deathbed/

And here: http://hotair.com/archives/2010/08/07/more-hitchens-sure-there-might-be-a-higher-power/

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