When I Was Young I Wanted To Be A Journalist…

When I was young I wanted to be a journalist, until I paid attention to what they really do and say. Victor Davis Hanson cross references it in an article describing the Greek tragedy Obama’s presidency has become:

“The obsequious media have been left scrambling to explain this new Orwellian barn wall: Bush’s aristocratic golf is now Obama’s needed relaxation; Bush’s bumbling press conferences might explain why Obama wisely doesn’t hold many at all; Republican congressional corruption simply led to a “They all do it, even Democrats” narrative; Bush’s failure to articulate how and why we would win in Iraq suddenly morphs into Afghanistan as a baffling experience that confuses all of us. Obviously, even the most adept public-relations-minded journalist could not pull all that off, and so we are left with media now as discredited as they are loathed.”

Entire article here: http://article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=ZWRhYzg1OTMzYjVlYWMwMTY2YjdmNDQ3YTgxOTIzYjk=

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