If You Haven’t Read Atlas Shrugged…

If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, do so. It’s an excellent tome (way too long though), and foretells the story of what happens when “the producers” (i.e. the successful) are penalized and made to feel they are morally evil. They go on strike by exiting from business/society. It appears the strike is on.

Currently, there is an estimated $1.8 trillion (that’s right “trillion’) in corporate coffers. That is money parked on the sidelines instead of in the economy. The producers are refusing to spend, expand, hire, etc because of the current policies of our dear leader and his band of never-run-a-business bandits. And this administration is confused why we are no longer blaming Bush for the double-digit unemployment. Some executives are even giving up their citizenship to avoid the penalty of being American. Illegal aliens are coming in, and the successful are leaving. It used to be that everyone came here because of the opportunity. Something is clearly wrong when Americans are leaving their home. What have we wrought with the election of 2008? I am frightened for my country.

Read here for the full story on the exodus of American executives: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/0ae8415c-9e5e-11df-a5a4-00144feab49a.html

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2 Comments on “If You Haven’t Read Atlas Shrugged…”

  1. beebs Says:

    Don’t worry, the Soviet Union tried for seventy years to control an economy without price inputs.

    I’d rather buy an untested Chevy Volt for 42,000 bucks than a tried and true Toyota Prius for 26,000, wouldn’t you?

    • MikeWSmith Says:

      I’m very worried. Our educational system has dumbed down the public the last 30 years to a point where they believe a Chevy Volt is, not only a good thing, but are waiting for the government to buy it for them.
      We’ll see what happens November 2. Whatever the outcome, I’ll still be worried, but at least we have a shot.

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