I Have To Take Something Back…

I have to take something back; as in I was wrong. Yesterday’s posting about an apparently racist woman at the USDA was not what I thought. The more I listened and learned, the more I realized this woman was lamenting her bigotry from 24 years ago, and how she had changed over the last quarter century. This was a story of redemption. Something we should all be grateful for.

Apparently, like me, the White House in general, and Tom Vilsack in particular (along w/ the NAACP) jumped to a conclusion and terminated the lady’s employment in order to avoid political embarrassment. Of course, I’m just an opinionated blogger, they were her employer and have a legal responsibility to get the facts straight prior to her wrongful termination. I wonder if their Department of Justice or EEOC will prosecute their Department of Agriculture. I’m confident this “business friendly administration” would give a private employer some serious legal trouble in a case like this. Hmm…

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