My Liberal Friends Are Crying Foul…

My liberal friends are crying foul, but I can’t help it. The President is dropping the ball on this oil spill in the Gulf. My girly-man liberal compatriots say I’m just picking on President Obama, and they may have a point, but it still doesn’t obfuscate the truth. His administration’s incompetence is veering into malfeasance. Check out this brief interview with Florida Senator LeMieux then get back to me and tell me I’m just being mean:

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One Comment on “My Liberal Friends Are Crying Foul…”

  1. Matt Says:

    I just threw up a little in my mouth….

    Makes me sick to see this happening and the incompetence from the White House is incredible.

    I think we need to form a commission of nobel prize winning scientests and other high ranking professionals to study the response of the government to the spill. After six months of research, we can then make recommendations on how to better respond to this disaster…..

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