It’s Getting Painful Watching Our President…

It’s getting painful watching our President,  as he flails around like a soon-to-be-dead fish, gasping for air in the oil slicked surf of the Gulf.

The other night, when he gave a speech from the Oval Office to address the nation about “The Spill”, I was glued to the TV as I became embarrassed for the man. And then I was nauseous. This is my President after all, and I do root for the home team. It was like watching a  “Faces of Death” video. I could only peer at it for a short time before fast-forwarding my DVR in horror.  The combination of, we-had-a-meeting-to-set-up-a-commission-of-Nobel-Prize-winning, blah, blah, blah… was only exceeded by the obvious incompetence of his no-actual-experience academics as they tell us “small people” this can only be solved by the cap-and-trade bill. Yep, $7 a gallon gas will solve this. Hmm… what next, the government running healthcare, the car companies, the banks, the insurance companies and a trillion-dollar payout to save government jobs. Oh wait, never mind…

Mark Steyn (as usual) captures it well here,

“For example, he could have demonstrated, as he and his energy secretary (whoops, Nobel Prize–winning energy secretary) have so signally failed to do, an understanding of what is actually happening 5,000 feet underwater and why it’s hard to stop. Instead, lazy and uncurious, this is what the Technocratic Mastermind offered:

‘Just after the rig sank, I assembled a team of our nation’s best scientists and engineers to tackle this challenge — a team led by Dr. Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize–winning physicist and our nation’s secretary of energy. Scientists at our national labs and experts from academia and other oil companies have also provided ideas and advice. As a result of these efforts, we’ve directed BP to mobilize additional equipment and technology.’


Excellent. The president directed his Nobel Prize–winning Head of Meetings to assemble a meeting to tackle the challenge of mobilizing the assembling of the tackling of the challenge of mobilization, at the end of which they directed BP to order up some new tackle and connect it to the thingummy next to the whachamacallit. Thank you, Mr. President. That and $4.95 will get you a venti oleaginato at Starbucks.”

Link to entire article here:

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