It’s The Arrogance Baby…

It’s the arrogance baby (and [again] the incompetence). I guess it’s just the “Chicago Way.”

The Obama Administration institutes a six month moratorium on offshore drilling that not only decreases the safety of the rigs, but puts over a quarter million jobs at immediate risk. That should be a boon to the double-dip recession we’re about to go into.

See detail here:

But there’s something else, they lied about the need for the moratorium and tried to claim the scientists who studied the issue advocated their position. The Obama Administration, with instructions from the President himself, inserted two extra paragraphs  to justify the shut down. See details here:,951419,952128 )

This is why the American public in general, and the Tea Partiers in particular are so fucking angry and want to “kick some ass” (using the President’s faux/gratuitous vulgarity). Sure, we’re pissed about the deficit. And no doubt about it, we’re cranky about the debt. You’re damn right we’re grumpy about the healthcare bill. But underneath it all, we’re really tee’d off because we are getting ignored and lied to. It’s The Arrogance Baby!

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