Remember High School…

Remember high school – the hopes and dreams, the fanciful ideas and priorities, the lack of self-discipline (ok, maybe that last one has stayed with you)? Haven’t your priorities and your ideas changed, along with some of your hopes and dreams? Salmon Rushdie once said, “Life teaches you who you are.” Your experiences change what your expectations are, and one thing you learn, get your shit together before you go spouting off about something you think you know. One thing we heard then, and is still relevant – do your homework (see links below)

I never understood why people voted for Obama, I still don’t. I have changed my mind about one thing though, this guy’s even more incompetent than I could have imagined. Here are just a few examples to refresh your mind:

  • Keynesian stimulus (charge a bunch of money on our national credit card then when the bill comes due, just raise the credit limit),-David-Levy-Says

  • War on Terror – Don’t say Islam or Jihad

  • Let’s close Gitmo – oh never mind

  • Two words – Janet Napolitano

  • Let’s try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York City


  • Gulf Oil Spill (I know you can’t stop it, but please, pretty please – clean the shit up or get out of the way of those who can – never mind that you haven’t even spoken to the CEO of BP!?!?)


  • Pissing away money on “green jobs” but the Labor Department a year later still can’t tell us a green job is – WTF?

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