I’m Sick & Tired Of Being Called A Racist…

I’m getting sick and tired of being called a racist when it comes to illegal immigration. The new law in Arizona is a perfect example. Not only does the law say you have to be stopped for a legal reason, i.e. speeding; there must be a reasonable suspicion of illegal immigration, – to merely check your status. So for instance, if you’re a person w/ an English accent (as in, from Great Britain) and don’t have your I.D. – that’s a reason to look up your status – and yes, you may be an illegal. I know this occurs, because I’ve had several friends in the past, even a roommate who’d stayed past their Visa.

See, you don’t have to be Hispanic, etc. Now certainly, there’ll be more illegal Hispanics in AZ than Englishmen – I get this. But that doesn’t mean racism. So let’s cut the PC racist bullshit. What next, you’ll prohibit me from drawing a picture of Mohammed? Oh wait… Jon Stewart, help me out here.

Colonel Ralph Peters has an excellent column today about this issue. Here are some common sense ideas:

“As the left’s blame-the-citizen demands for special privileges for all immigrants only intensify an anti-immigrant backlash, let’s apply some commonsense maxims:

* It is always the responsibility of the immigrant to conform to the laws and social norms of the host society. It is never the responsibility of a society to alter its traditions and values to please immigrants.

* The primary responsibility of government is to protect its citizens and territory. That demands robust border security.

* Illegal immigrants are entitled to basic human rights, but have no civil rights: no right to an attorney, trial or “sanctuary.”

* Washington must remove current incentives to illegal immigration. This means relentlessly pursuing both those who hire illegals and illegals themselves, doubling sentences for illegal-immigrant offenders, and a constitutional amendment eliminating the automatic citizenship granted to children born on our soil to illegals.

* At the same time, we must reform our legal immigration system to recognize the need for temporary workers, as well as for qualified new citizens.

* Turning 10 million illegals into US voters is not the answer.

While Europe’s problems have veered beyond healthy solutions, immigration remains a vital source of national strength for us. But illegal immigration’s purely destructive. Our borders must be subject to the rule of law.

And let’s stop calling law-abiding citizens “bigots” just because they don’t want their communities destroyed by illegal immigrants.”

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/blaming_the_citizen_RXEVoCdMKmfm5mPSxqBWfL#ixzz0msr1J4bd

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