Have We Gone Too Far…

Have we gone too far this time? This is the Carter years redux – but on steroids. Apparently, we Americans need to see this once a generation to be reminded of the idiocy of liberal ideas in practice. Have we gone to far?

“No wonder Obama seems grumpy so much of the time. First, the rubes don’t believe the stimulus worked. Then they don’t appreciate his “historic” health-care legislation. And now they think his nonproliferation plans are a bunch of hooey. It’s almost like there is a vast Center-Right coalition out there antagonistic toward big government, focused on economic recovery, dubious about unilateral gestures that smack of appeasement, supportive of military action to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and convinced that the way to win the war against Islamic fascists is not to close Guantanamo, give KSM a public trial and Mirandize terrorist bombers but rather to defeat the enemy by all reasonable means available.”

Jennifer Rubin, Commentary Magazine


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