President Obama Sets World Record…

President Obama sets world record per Wes Pruden of Washington Times:

“Mr. Obama has explained that while he did indeed submit his family to the moral guidance of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and he sat through 20 years of the preacher’s Sunday-morning harangues about the perfidious Jews and other evil white folks, he never heard the anti-Semitic slights, thus establishing a mark, worthy of the Guinness Book of Records, of sleeping through more than a thousand sermons.”

“Throughout history,” he [Benjamin Netanyahu] said, “the slanders against the Jewish people always preceded the physical assaults and were used to justify these assaults.”

This is the kind of rhetoric that warms and strengthens sensible and prudent men aware of the threat to their own extinction, but it upsets the tummies of certain Democrats secure behind the protection of other men. It makes their teeth itch. Better to think of bunnies, enjoy the music of little fairies and early spring flowers, and troubles will go away. Barack Obama insists he’s not like that, but a friend of Israel. Israel won’t long survive if has to depend on friends like him.

For more about Our Dear Leader’s lack of respect for, along with his amateurish and dangerous policy Israel, check out this link:

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