This Feigned Outrage By The Left…

This feigned outrage by the left is pathetic – alleged threats, racial epithets, spitting, etc – yeah, my pussy hurts too. Most know the admonition by Finley Peter Dunne, “Politics ain’t beanbag…” So c’mon Dems, the hypocrisy is sickening. Richard Grennell at Politico says it well:

“Most of us know that violence and threats are completely unacceptable. And law enforcement officials can and should deal with anyone who uses violence to make their point.

But the majority of Americans are ticked off and emotional about the Democratic health care takeover. And we aren’t going to be intimidated into backing down by members of Congress like Chris Van Hollen and James Clyburn who feign outrage but sound downright giddy with their new fund raising gimmick. “We are so outraged, so send us $5.”

I’ve never seen so much whining from a majority party. While Democratic lawmakers and members of the media climb on their new high horse to suddenly discover they have an intolerance for out of control and emotional political discourse, most Americans remember Code Pink’s and’s tactics and the Democrats’ silence. While no one should defend the alleged “fag” shout out to Barney Frank or the supposed spitting on members of Congress by emotional and out of control opponents of the health care hijack, the liberals seem new to the disgust-tion. Where was our caped politicians when Cheney was called a murderer and war criminal and Bush was burned as an effigy, called unprintable names or had a shoe thrown at him? The simple fact is they never spoke up during the Bush Administration when Code Pink shutdown most every Capitol Hill hearing, or Cindy Sheehan called all Bush appointees killers.

The idea that Sarah Palin can’t say re-load without Democrats suggesting she is telling her supporters to actually “reload their guns” is laughable and proves the majority party is too thin-skinned. Do we think that John Edwards’ “Two Americas” speech is suggesting a civil war? Or Barack Obama’s call to his supporters to “Get Fired Up” means they should start shooting? Please.

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