Rational thought may provide…

“Rational thought may provide better answers to many of life’s riddles than does faith alone. However, it is rational to conclude that religious faith has made possible the advancement of Western civilization.”

John D. Steinrucken, American Thinker

I am a devout agnostic, as in, I have no clue if there’s a God, Supreme Being(s), etc. And if there is someone or thing “out there”, I have even less faith that it knows who I am.  And because of this point of view, I’m often asked why I gravitate towards the right side of the political spectrum in general; and my non-abhorrence to the Judeo-Christian ethic on American society in in particular.

I find the question itself a bit misinformed.

In the link below, John D. Steinrucken at American Thinker explains some of the very reasons “Secularism has an ongoing debt to Christianity”.


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