Rush Is Too Much…

Rush is too much, but listen to him in the link below. Glenn Beck is too damn goofy. Bill O’Reilly is too grumpy. But they are right. Our country is on a “razor’s edge”. We not longer have a Ronald Reagan. Greatest only comes around every half century or so. We must go “Red Dawn” on these bastards – scorched earth – no apologies for our points of view. We must defeat them this November – and soundly. But that is not the end of this struggle. We have at least another three and a half years.

History does repeat itself. This is exactly what occurred 1500 years ago to the Roman Empire. And we all know how that worked out. They became fat, they became decadent, their military became smaller as they relied on mercenary class, they ran out of money; and in the end they evaporated with a whimper.

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