Be Very Afraid…

Be Very Afraid. The left will not give up. See my post yesterday (I Don’t Believe The President). This is something deeper, more powerful, a part of their DNA, not rational. And they know, this will be their best opportunity for at least a generation. Their dreams of the 60’s combined with the pathetic educational system that began in the 70’s have finally given them a chance at their dream. Power stemming from the government versus the people. “Social Justice” as determined by The Elite. Be very afraid.

I’m reminded of the game of football. How many times have you seen a team beaten, no chance for comeback? And somehow, they pull it off. The reason – usually a “prevent defense” or complacency by the other team. We need to be on our game for at least another 10 months. I know, I know – the election is only 9 months away. But do you think a defeat in November will stop these people. Watch what happens in December, when the lame ducks have their last chance. This battle is far from over. Be Very Afraid.

An excellent observation by Andy McCarthy in his post on “The Corner.”

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