This Is Bazarre On So Many Levels…

“This is bizarre on so many levels. This guy who’s breaking our national budget tells us not to spend our vacation money in Vegas.”

Larry Wachs

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2 Comments on “This Is Bazarre On So Many Levels…”

  1. Larry Wachs Says:

    Thanks for the quote. Another bizarre level is how he scolds the government for poor fiscal choices as if he’s not part of it. And there’s the assumption implicit in his statements about Vegas that most families, when faced with budgetary choices, will always keep Vegas in the mix, even of they opt to do the right thing w/ their money. Not Disney, not the beach, not grandma in Florida….Vega$, baby. The Holy Grail of family vacations.

    Of course, these bad choices would be lessened if the government utopian could decide the amount of income of each family so that we Americans would make better choices as people currently on the dole do. They never waste their money on Vegas. They suck it up and play the local lottery.

  2. mikewsmith Says:

    I hear you loud and clear Larry.

    Read Thomas Sowell’s latest – Intellectuals and Society – a great book.

    Dr. Sowell tells how these mushy-thinking, allegedly intelligent, arrogant, left-wing pricks are.

    Tell Steve to FOFF!

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