Review: Sherlock Holmes

Review: Sherlock Holmes

The storyline was somewhat intricate and I got lost a couple times, but it was Sherlock Holmes after all. Action was good. The plot did sidetrack a bit with a Black Magic theme, but this turned out to be a directorial sleight of hand. And even though Sherlock Holmes is always about the details and disproving of what appears to be the miraculous or supernatural, the movie didn’t make fun of the religious (some would say “superstitious) and I like that – there’s enough ugliness in the world. Towards the end we see the details that were missed thus showing Holmes’ clear genius. And this is how it should be.

Visually – this was a movie clearly done by professionals. Dark, eerie – London set was well-done (I did find myself wondering how much of the movie was CGI though). The soundtrack accented everything pretty well too. It was fast-paced so the 2 ½ hours flew by. I did find it hard hearing/comprehending some of the dialogue though. I think it was a combination of the action and that pesky language the boys use – you know, English.

Robert Downey, Jr. was very solid as was his trusty sidekick Jude Law. Nice change having Watson get over on Holmes several times. There was a bit of homo-eroticism going on the two love interests which was distracting and unnecessary (both the love interests & the homo thing) – Personally though, I did find Watson’s love interest quite appealing (Kelly Reilly – whom you might recognize as the antagonistic sisters from the 2005’s Pride & Prejudice – drowsy looking blue eyes, narrow nose and oddly shaped mouth – bit of a Picasso painting for a face – uniquely attractive and I like that kind of thing – but I digress).

Overall, not a classic, but definitely entertaining. If they’re able to make a sequel (which they clearly left themselves open for) that uses a bit more of the classic Sherlock Holmes’ style, material, etc I’d definitely check it out. As I mentioned prior, this was a movie done by professionals and I give it a 41 out of 68 (that’s roughly a 6/10 for you superstitious cretins on whom subtlety is a strange and uncomfortable concept).

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