So Let Me Get This Right…

So let me get this right, the government, through “reform”, will be running the show; in charge of all aspects of healthcare. This paragon of budgetary efficiency that runs the post office and Cash for Clunkers, along with the broken system of Social Security (and don’t forget the healthcare they’re already running, Medicare, which will be broke in the next eight years or so), will now be everywhere – in my doctor’s office, when I’m with the pharmacist, at my CT Scan; and if I don’t get the insurance they tell me to get,  in my personal budget?

You know, I’m not so sure I blame the trifecta of Obama/Reid/Pelosi, so much as I blame the Republicans for fucking this all up; and for the apparent moronic, American people, for making it worse by putting these vacuous-minded robotons in charge!

The problem is, there’s nowhere else to go. I can’t figure out if I’m watching the fall of the Roman Empire redux or the banker in the Ally commercial – or both.

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