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My review of Avatar on Yahoo – see below: 

Avatar (2009)

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Overall Grade: D
Story: D-
Acting: C
Direction: C
Visuals: A

Every Left Wing Cliche You Could Want
by Michael (movies profile) Dec 19, 2009


I love sci-fi, it’s just that there are so few good sci-fi movies. Whatever happened to the likes of Blade Runner, Alien, etc.
Avatar is another failure. Ed Wood’s vision is more interesting. This thing’s Plan 9 From Outer Space w/ better special effects. Despite the excellent CGI, etc I almost fell asleep a minimum of three times – literally.
Every left wing cliche you could think of seems to have been inserted into this tripe. And frankly, if I’m going to root against the home team, i.e. human beings, the story has to be good – i.e. District 9.

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