Anthropogenic Climate Warming…

Anthropogenic Climate Warming (AGW) seems to be a reasonable hypothesis. But, it’s still in the realm of hypothesis vs. theory and seems to have become a religion. The ensuing link from the Secular Right explains succinctly my discomfort w/ the typical left-wing, “Sky is falling”, global warming crowd.

It’s reasonable to think we humans are contributing to earth’s warming, at least to a small degree, but I’m not so sure this is a bad thing. And so what. Sure, we want a cleaner environment – show me someone who doesn’t want their environment cleaner (btw – our world is very much cleaner than it 30 years ago). I think maybe our focus s/b on dealing w/ the effects of climate change more than trying to affect climate change. We’ll just go broke in the process (except for those few wise elders such as Algore who want to make the decisions for us). And going broke just creates more misery and lessen human progress (see The Soviet Union).

Like so-called healthcare reform, the cure could be worse than the disease, and we would be locked in by greed and stubbornness – once again by the “wise elders” like Algore (see “The Giver”).

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One Comment on “Anthropogenic Climate Warming…”

  1. Fran Manns Says:

    Climategate Foretold…
    “• What is the current scientific consensus on the conclusions reached by Drs. Mann, Bradley and Hughes? [Referring to the hockey stick propagated in UN IPCC 2001 by Michael Mann.]
    Ans: Based on the literature we have reviewed, there is no overarching consensus on MBH98/99. As analyzed in our social network, there is a tightly knit group of individuals who passionately believe in their thesis. However, our perception is that this group has a self-reinforcing feedback mechanism and, moreover, the work has been sufficiently politicized that they can hardly reassess their public positions without losing credibility.”
    AD HOC COMMITTEE REPORT ON THE ‘HOCKEY STICK’ GLOBAL CLIMATE RECONSTRUCTION, also known as The Wegman report was authored by Edward J. Wegman, George Mason University, David W. Scott, Rice University, and Yasmin H. Said, The Johns Hopkins University with the contributions of John T. Rigsby, III, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and Denise M. Reeves, MITRE Corporation.

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