There’s Nothing More Conservative Than A Liberal

There’s nothing more conservative than a liberal. Time after time they cling to old ideas that have been proven false. They ignore the basic economic truism that higher taxes reduce federal inlays, increase unemployment, stifle innovation. They don’t seem to care. You would think the idea of providing its population what they claim to want – more small businesses, full employment,  more revenue in the centralized government’s coffers. But no, they just keep practicing Einstein’s definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over… and expecting different results.

Why? It seems Leftiists believe it’s morally wrong to be rich (except for them of course) and that mediocrity for everyone is “more fair.”

John Stossel’s got it right, he calls it  “the conceit of the anointed.”

They know better how to run our lives than we do. They are control freaks with arrogance born of ivory tower theory and arrested development. They claim toleration and diversity, but not when it comes to free thought. My questions  over their obvious hypocrisy continue to linger and I find it hugely difficult to think they are anything but, as I mentioned before,  pathetic control freaks with a chip on their shoulder and a chin-up teenage mentality with its corresponding bliss of ignorance.

Ralph Peters puts it rather cogently in referring to the left’s sabotage of free speech and the exchange of ideas – i.e. campus speech codes, no NFL team for Rush Limbaugh, global warming, war on Fox News, Humana, Chamber of Commerce, etc,

“If the left’s vision for humanity is so superior, you’d think leftists could live with alternative views. But the left is totalitarian at heart and can no more tolerate debate than al Qaeda’s fanatics can accept religious diversity.”

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