I’m Not Particularly Enamored With Fox News…

I’m not particularly enamored With Fox News conservative personalities Glenn Beck (goofy), Bill O’Reilly (grumpy) or especially Sean Hannity (goody-two-shoes), but they put out a much more thorough airing of things I want to hear about – government spending and incompetencies, a muscular foreign policy/military point of view, libertarian ideas, lower taxes, pro-business, personal responsibility, Judeo-Christian values, etc.

If another network could give me the same w/ less goofy, grumpy, goody-two-shoe personalities I’d pay attention. Why don’t the CNN’s, etc of the world get that?!? I’m not saying Fox isn’t leaning to the right, though they offer lots of lefties – Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Geraldo Rivera, Shepard Smith… and the list goes on. The issue is the American public doesn’t buy a lot of what’s on the left. Why don’t the other news organizations make an attempt at (seriously) offering up ideas from the right – sans smirks and heavy sighs and other sanctimonious bullshit. You notice most of the lefties on Fox at least give some credence to the ideas of conservatives – therein, I believe, lies the reason for Fox News’ success.

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