Hello world!

Here begins the Blog of Mike Wordsmith.

It’s about damn time I got off my ass and did something about my ideas/hopes/dreams/etc – other than cheap talk.

The temporary theme of this blog is to post a variety of thoughts, opinions, what-I-consider-to-be interesting blogs/websites, ideas, etc and to pontificate via a generally haphazard stream-of-consciousness bit of writing. I’m sure it will coagulate into something somewhat focused, but for now I’ll let it meander until that occurs.

Just an FYI about me. I am a, some-would-say-unique, conglomeration of political, religous, philosophical views – Supply-side conservative, pro-gun, anti-death penalty, queasy pro-choicer, MSM despising, pro-immigrant “English Only”, devout agnostic w/ values grounded in the best of Judeo-Christian western civilization – whew!!! I am well traveled, well read, a provocateur/debator and an excellent speller. I consider these my good traits – I’ll leave the rest, good or not so good, to others.


Today I was inspired by William Kristol’s ode to his recently departed father, Irving Kristol. What stuck out is something his father uttered a couple days prior to his passing: “Dogs are noble creatures.”  Mr. Kristol was an intelligent and profound man, so I find this a rather interesting phrase considering it was one of the last thoughts he would share with those important to him.  “Dogs are nobel creatures.” Hopefully I espouse something so esoteric and meaningful.

Off to see Bruce Willis in Pandorum. I will of course have an opinion.

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